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March 09, 2011

Spicing up my love with Chicken Soup

Who would ever have thought that chicken soup could be anything else than harmless. There are certain things in life that you learn from experience, which is just what I did today.

It started out well while making a healthy, hearty chicken soup. Using my freshly cooked chicken stock, which I got from letting a chicken carcass, skin and fat simmer for a couple of hours, covered with water. After leaving my chicken stock refrigerated over night , the fat got separated from the stock and I used the clear broth for the base of my soup, adding white wine and dry thyme and brought it to simmer.

I sauteed yellow onion and added chopped garlic, before I added it into the soup and then cut bite size pieces of russet potatoes that also got added in. I browned diced carrot in a pan that later got added into the soup when potatoes where close to cooked tender. It was then time to flavor up the soup with small diced Pancetta, Dijon mustard, salt, white pepper, and oooops, whole dried dragon chilies to give a kick to the flavor and trust me it kicked it off far to much for some - ONE

When potatoes were ready, it was time to add the left over chicken meat I had scraped off the cooked carcass after tossing it with Worcester Shire sauce and a little salt for more flavor. The soup is gaining great flavor now and I know it is going to be even better tomorrow. Popping the bread into the toaster, softening up the butter and placing condiments on the table and calling for my dear hubby to join me for lunch.

While ladling up the warm soup in bowls, in the back of my mind I am thinking about the SPICY dragon chilies, but there is no sign of one in our bowls, so we happily sit down for our meals and begin to eat. Hubby seems very happy and is finishing off his soup before me, but suddenly he gives me a different facial expression like his mouth went on FIRE and he quickly spits some thing out... of course,there is a well chewed dragon chili on his empty plate.

I felt so bad and tried to help my husband to cool his taste buds, but I could not help my self from laughing :))) a non stop giggling, which probably did not help :((( I started to get a bit worried though when my husband asked what the chilies looked like and where they were stored, with the risk of being put up for a revenge...

It took my loved husband about half an hour to cool down and he has not shown any signs of of a dragon revenge since then, but I seriously doubt that I will dare to eat anything my husband serves for the next month or so, without a careful prior judgment.

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